Another jounalist to add to my "Don't-believe-list"

Posted: September 29, 2009 by fievel in Labels: , ,

Interestingly, Straits Times' choice of headlines in this article once again makes me wonder if they think we are collectively a stupid or dumb country. Why is the content of this article, "Former Reform Party member..." but the header "Reform Party man..." ??? It's slightly amusing actually.

Reform Party man wanted by US
By Elena Chong
FORMER Reform Party committee member Balraj Naidu made a brief court appearance on Tuesday for an extradition hearing which was adjourned until next Monday.
The businessman was arrested at his home last week and brought to court on a warrant of arrest.
He is wanted by the US Government on two terrorism-related charges and brokering an arms deal with the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ellam (LTTE) .
No charge has been laid against him.
The request for his extradition was made around the middle of the year.
Family members of Mr Naidu were in court with his lawyer, who declined comment.


  1. Fievel, I'm afraid you missed out "committee" when you read that. It appears he was in the CEC but is still a member of RP.

    Regardless, it is still a witchhunt against the party by attacking its weak links. People are already making suggestions like "Oh, how did he pass the RP's vetting process?" ... to which I'd respond "And PAP didn't screw up with Teh Cheang Wan?"

  1. Fievel says:

    Signs of things to come my man. I heard a fren joke the other day they are probably getting new cells ready for some new inmates soon, if u get the drift.