New word to describe Singapore's housing prices - Mesosphere

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Check out the above link....It's Singapore's Chinese newspaper featuring another amazing feat 'achieved' by our 'still affordable' hdb flat resale market. A prospective buyer has bid $900,000 for an Executive Maisonette flat in Bishan, paying a whopping $170,000 cash-over-valuation.

The kick, however, is that the deal has not gone through as the owners are asking for a firm offer of $950,000!!
Somehow this piece of news did not feature on Straits Times Online though...

The next time you feel like using a big word with your friends, don't say Singapore's cost of living has gone through the roof, don't say that it's gone through the stratosphere, say that it's gone through the mesosphere!


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Disgusting...even ChannelNewsAsia has lost its integrity of independence in my eyes now.
Why did Debra Soon, the Managing Director of ChannelNewsAsia invite such a one-sided panel of 3 to present this case? Nicholas Mak is a sorry excuse for an alternative voice, if you ask me. The questions of affordability were never truly addressed.

The simple fact is that housing prices HAS outstripped our economic fundamentals. Nobody in this happy-gala get-together even bothered to look into this issue as a 'talking point' proper. Every issue was touch-and-go and addressed in such a cavalier manner. I wished I could jump into the show and get these clowns to STFU.

What a farce!


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Another financially rewarding land sales for our PAP government. $302 million for this plot of land...another few of such sales and our GIC and Temasek's recent losses would be more than made up for.

Who pays for all these ultra high bids eventually? The Singapore consumer. Sweeet.

Much ado about nothing

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Came home from work today late at night feeling extra-epiphany-ish..Went to the kopitiam opposite my place for a cheap $5 Tiger beer by myself...with my ipod for accompaniment, which doesn't necessarily lose to human company sometimes.

The wife called me earlier, told me we just got balloted a 1400+ number in our queue for a public housing flat, for which there are only 400+ units available. It's not exactly unexpected and it's not exactly something that can dampen our Singapore not-exactly-a-dream dream any further anyway.

I don't know how all my random thoughts link up but sometimes they just come in waves, so much so I lose precious sleep over them. If I could record my thoughts graphically it'll probably strike an imaginary audience to resemble an episode of The Late Night Show with David Letterman, with a twist.

Before I took the first sip of my beer I was thinking, rather cleverly, that maybe I'll try something new tonight; rather than to analyse the same old questions about the decisions I have been struggling to make, maybe I'll analyse me, myself, as if I were outside of my own skin tonight. But of course that was just ambitious thinking. The beer straightened that weird notion out in no time.

Anyway, one thing I like about blogging is that it lets me record my thoughts down for future reference. But then more often than not, by the time I get down to it, what were earlier crystal-clear insights-of-the-century somehow just slip through my web of neurons or synapses or whatever they are called. Maybe it's finally time I go figure out twitter.