Animal Farm - Chapter X

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PAP takes fight online
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I refer to the above linked news article.

I don't think PAP nor PM Lee understands the core issues that are going to decide which camp the electorate is going to be in come the next election. It's not about taking the "fight" to a new platform, nor is it about taking on any sort of fight...heck it is not even a fight between PAP and the opposition.

The current climate that I see and hear around me, of the middle and lower class citizens, does not concern itself with the quality of the opposition parties anymore. Singaporeans are tired of the empty promises, of the endless mirage of a better four years. We are, if my eyes and ears and heart serves me well, simply a bunch of new generation citizens awakening to the possibilities of change for the better for our nation, even if it means taking a leap of faith with a less proven political candidate.

As a good friend once so sharply remarked, there are really such an astonishing number of angry Singaporeans who are feeling shortchanged by the current batch of leaders that he doesn't understand how it is even remotely possible that anybody with the half-hearted, pre-medidated intention of promoting PAP online can stand to be counted. The tirade of disillusioned and disbelieving citizens will white wash any of such efforts, barring legal threats to spread fear among citizens of course.

As the next election draws nearer, we can see a flurry of political activities starting to emerge out of nowhere. But one observation I'll like to make here is this: much like in the world of marketing and advertising, the target audience can and will evolve to become less susceptible to the old tricks and gimmicks. One can only fall for the "New and Improved!" claim that many times, before deciding it's time to stop trusting a brand. The conundrum that faces our PAP government now is this; hard sell is probably going to backfire against a skeptical crowd, yet soft sell is not going to give them too much of a comfort of ensuring success with good confidence in such a short time.

Whatever it is, I just don't understand how the current batch of leaders can be seemingly so removed from the reality facing them in the coming election for them; how else can one explain their utter plain disregard for the electorate in their public policy decisions in the last few years? Overcrowding from loose immigration laws, housing inflation from supply choke peppered with Mah Bow Tan's continued claims of affordability, ostentatious pay hike for ministers, the Temasek and Ho Ching debacles, insensitive remarks about low income citizens' needs from MPs such as Vivian 3-meals-in-restaurant Balakrishnan, MM LKY's awesome claim that the widening income gap is 'inevitable'...the list goes on and on...As I go to bed puzzled with this question, the only word that comes to mind that will rationalize all these is... COMPLACENCY.

For those who are curious about the picture, you might want to read the short novel, THE ANIMAL FARM, by George Orwell, to understand how interesting the novel really is. Now if you don't have the time to, it is really fine for us to just read the Chapter X of the story...


  1. Anonymous says:

    This movie would explain it all...

    From the SOW herself

  1. Anonymous says:

    Other reads on Animal Farm

  1. Fievel says:

    Actually after reading some other blogs this morning, I realize the one word to rationalize all these is not COMPLACENCY, it is GRC, if you catch the drift.

  1. Fievel - I think the word is "hubris".