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Just a random thought tonight.

I hope that our opposition politicians today can promise one thing, even if they cannot promise any other. That is, one day, when they have succeeded in taking over Singapore from the PAP, they will not forget the cause they started with. I hope all the opposition parties will make it a point to put it on records, that they will never, never ever, in the future, forget that they started off by fighting for true democracy, the only form of which there ever is. Do not become another bunch of animal farm's pigs.


  1. As long as no independent structure of checks and balances exist in the system, this cycle will continue. I'd still vote for the LKY of 1959 if he existed today.

    I admired the LKY of the 1980s when he "stepped down", only to realize the wily old fox never really did when he was "crowned" the "MM".

    Now all I have left are questions. What if the LKY of 1959 was sincere? Would a system that kept a PM only for 2-3 terms have prevented this unhealthy consolidation of power within the PAP and within Singapore?

  1. MM SZ says:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wai Lee is right. They have used their intelligence to service their self-interest when intelligence is supposed to service the heart.