Al Jazeera videos on Singapore

Posted: April 19, 2010 by fievel in Labels: ,

Any wonder why Al Jazeera got axed from MIO TV? Just watch a few samplings of their feature documentaries on Singapore. If anything, this also explains why the red light district Geylang has been so frequently raided recently that the sex workers have gone either online or to new enclaves such as Kovan and Serangoon. Geylang isn't the only place to have been raided after Al Jazeera's videos were released, apparently the homeless have been raided as well.


  1. Singapore is full of elephants in the room no one wants to acknowledge.

    Here in Eugene, Oregon, the problems with delinquent kids, drugs and homelessness are well known and well acknowledged. Perhaps the authorities here are forced to ... you simply cannot avoid it. Perhaps the authorities in Singapore are also waiting to be forced into acknowledging it as the problems grow. Perhaps they do not appreciate someone actually doing the legwork of warning them of an impending problem ... too bad.