In pursuit of happYness

Posted: May 27, 2009 by fievel in Labels:

Recently a friend read my blog and told me "dude, i think your blog is a bit too dark...". Seriously, even before he said so, I was already thinking the same, that there are happier stuff to write about; which was perhaps why I had the writer's block for quite a couple of days now as I ransacked my upstairs for a piece filled with positivity.

Failing to produce any article with this mandate in mind, I can only conclude my "pursuit of happYness" is coming up against some major brickwalls at the moment.

Referring to Maslow's hirerarchy of needs, I note that I'm waaaay behind schedule in terms of "self-esteem" (Achievement, Mastery, Recognition, Respect) and "self-actualization" is nowhere in sight. Worse yet, my lengthening spell as an unemployed is starting to shake the layer containing "security" and "stability". I also realize the one thing holding me up from sliding down this snake & ladder game is the "Belonging - Love" level. I have great friends, fantastic family and one heck of a spouse-to-be...but I've got no lover...hmmm

Anyway, seeing as this piece still doesn't quite qualify for yanking this blog back from the "dark side", I reckoned the least I could do is change its template to brighter hues for now =)