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REACH SINGAPORE did a poll based on 1500 Singaporeans and represented their views below...I would like to point out 2 issues.
1) The sample size should have been higher and cut across a more deliberate homogenous sample population for it to carry real significance.
2) The most thorny issue every joe is talking about, Minister Pay, was not in the poll, why? As such I have put up a little poll here on the column to the right. Feel free to express your opinion.

You can read the Channelnewsasia report below.

SINGAPORE: A survey has shown that more than one in three Singaporeans are dissatisfied with job opportunities for older workers.

The poll by the government's feedback channel REACH also found that Singaporeans are satisfied with the way Singapore is being governed and have confidence in Singapore's future and its economy.

Ninety-three per cent of those surveyed believe that Singapore is governed well, and 80 per cent of respondents feel confident about the future prospects of the economy.

In the poll which surveyed some 1,500 Singaporeans, a quarter of them expressed unhappiness with Singapore's employment policies relating to foreign workers and foreign talent.

Other concerns Singaporeans have include housing affordability as well as health costs.

When it comes to the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), 39 per cent of respondents are not convinced the system actually helps traffic flow.

REACH chairman, Amy Khor, also gave her take on the findings from the poll, saying: "Last year, we have seen a fair share of feedback on cost of living, employment and the foreign workers and talent issues, and that's not surprising, given the economic crisis.

"Hence, it was also not surprising that the Budget measures which are aimed at addressing the current downturn and prepare Singapore for the future were welcomed. Even more encouraging, Singaporeans also expressed confidence in Singapore's future and the economy despite the current downturn.

"There was, however, more dissatisfaction in several areas, such as cost of living, healthcare affordability, and the employment prospects for older workers. This is generally in line with the tone of the feedback we've received via our website and other feedback platforms."


  1. What would be interesting is if they conducted a side-by-side comparison (between similar questions) of the results of this year's poll and last year's. That way, you can see if the government did anything about addressing people's unhappiness.

    Meanwhile, I'd like to question Amy Khor's first statement about "last year's poll". If the timing was the same as this year, then wouldn't last year's poll be smack in the middle of the "Golden Age" of the Singapore economy as pronounced by LKY just prior to the crisis? I could be wrong about this.

  1. Fievel says:

    Hi Chee Wai,

    Actually they did exactly that in the papers. These days there are quite a few discrepancies between online and traditional papers news...such as the other day when ST published an "analysis" that Temasek has gained a few tens of billions (I can't recall how much, and ST online did not publish an equivalent report) back since March this year...

    Anyway, the side-by-side comparison, against all logic, showed that the Govt was doing better in a lot of different areas...dunno whether to laugh or to cry.

  1. In other words, they tried to "spin" it.