Proportionate Representation

Posted: August 6, 2009 by fievel in Labels: ,

After watching this video above, where PM Lee answers former NMP Siew on his questions pertaining to a fairer voting system, i.e. we go for a proportionate representation system (Im not sure if Im right but I think he means to abolish the GRC system), what are your thoughts? Below are mine...

So what if it leads to "divided politics" ? I mean, is that not the point of having an opposition? To challenge the ruling party on issues and policies that the citizens do not want or approve of? Divided politics is NOT a problem for you and me.
Why is it that having opposition parties will lead to "race-based" and "religious-based" parties "trying to win votes" via such underhanded means? Are we, as a population, not united enough, not mature enough, not discerning enough, to see the evils of a "race-based" and "religious-based" party? Is the PAP the only party that knows how to lead based on "equality" ?
"What can he do, if he is elected in that party?"
I vote another PAP member into the homogenous sea of PAP ministers, I do not expect any changes. Best case scenario, she (e.g. Halimah Yacob) makes a bit of noise here and there. No real changes. That is what he can do.

My 3 Singaporean cents.