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Disgusting...even ChannelNewsAsia has lost its integrity of independence in my eyes now.
Why did Debra Soon, the Managing Director of ChannelNewsAsia invite such a one-sided panel of 3 to present this case? Nicholas Mak is a sorry excuse for an alternative voice, if you ask me. The questions of affordability were never truly addressed.

The simple fact is that housing prices HAS outstripped our economic fundamentals. Nobody in this happy-gala get-together even bothered to look into this issue as a 'talking point' proper. Every issue was touch-and-go and addressed in such a cavalier manner. I wished I could jump into the show and get these clowns to STFU.

What a farce!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Never ask a barber if you need a haircut. -- Warren Buffet.

    You cannot get unbiased, independent thrust-and-parry type of debate when all the participants are either from the system, of the system or beneficiaries of the system. Nick was former research director at Knight Frank and now lecturer in Ngee Ann Poly which is a govt stat board. The other 2 no need to say.

    Also CNA has no choice but to conduct an amiable chit-chat that is conducive for govt's voice to be aired. CNA definitely does not want to go thru what its co-unit Today newspaper went through in 2004, when it almost lost its media license for reporting in such a way as to "provoke bad feelings which may lead to public unhappiness".
    Besides, when you are riding high in your career as everyone on that programme undoubtedly is, what good does it serve you to rock the boat and jeopardise your high-paying job, career, professional reputation, your family's life-style, your children's well-being, your private properties, your comfortable retirement?