New word to describe Singapore's housing prices - Mesosphere

Posted: March 30, 2010 by fievel in Labels: ,

Check out the above link....It's Singapore's Chinese newspaper featuring another amazing feat 'achieved' by our 'still affordable' hdb flat resale market. A prospective buyer has bid $900,000 for an Executive Maisonette flat in Bishan, paying a whopping $170,000 cash-over-valuation.

The kick, however, is that the deal has not gone through as the owners are asking for a firm offer of $950,000!!
Somehow this piece of news did not feature on Straits Times Online though...

The next time you feel like using a big word with your friends, don't say Singapore's cost of living has gone through the roof, don't say that it's gone through the stratosphere, say that it's gone through the mesosphere!


  1. Fievel,

    So, the COV being demanded by the owners is actually $220,000? Whoever is bidding on that property must be too rich ... I still think of Bishan as a rather crappy place.

    I like the new look for your blog, btw!

    As for me, I am slowly getting some time and net connection :). The new job is going to be rather intense for the first few months!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The Govt is all out to get hard lander for leasing their properties.
    The top earner has more then ONE HOME SO WHAT DO THEY DO WITH IT.
    People of Spore, should they not clamp private properties rental from price climbing instead. In fact, illegal actitives will live in these private undetected area like drugs,call girls as most of these property the govt cant go in without warrant.