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I sometimes wonder if I will get into legal trouble for writing about issues concerning Singapore critically. Like libel suits and what not...maybe for writing about stuff with a tad bit too strong an emotion that translated into what can be somehow in a convoluted, legal way, become construed as accusations. As it is I am already doing my best to steer clear of making statements that can be held as inflammatory. This fear that my outspoken blog will come back and bite my ass is getting stronger.

Some friends say "so-and-so blogger dares to write that way is ONLY BECAUSE he or she is outside of Singapore already", and I cannot refute that their sentiments bear some truth.

My fiancee wants me to write more about non-political stuff...saying its "boring" for me to keep on this topic. I feel the concern.

If there are any legal eagles out there who are reading this, please leave your comments for me, perhaps to guide me on how to blog, express my views, without getting too close to the sharp blades of Singapore's legal system.


  1. Alas, it is true. I do not feel the inhibitions because I am in the States. If you scan back in my blog, back when I had a strong desire to return to Singapore (also before I discovered TOC), you will find very different writing.

    I do not have any legal person advising me and quite frankly, I do not think it matters. What matters is if one stops becoming "small fish" or if you get singled-out to be an "example", then all the legal help in the world cannot save you.

    What I do instead, is read and re-read what I've written. I filter out what could be unfair and hurtful to others. I question the truth of what I write (sometimes a second-pass will catch things written in the heat of the moment which do not bear out) and sometimes, if the topic is complicated and nuanced, I abandon the topic if I find myself unable to succinctly capture all the details in the short time I have to write an entry (some topics deserve an entire thesis, not just a mere blog entry).

  1. Fievel says:

    Yup I try my best too...but you can never be sure...