Singaporeans, Don't worry be happy

Posted: July 29, 2009 by fievel in Labels: , ,

CPF Life - The policy that recently got many a politically pathetic (as opposed to apathetic) Singaporeans really worked up over the provision that this compulsory annuity program cannot be guaranteed against insolvency. Reading around online about it here, here and here...I find that there is really a lot of good stuff being analysed and written out there...but hey if you find yourself to be like me, kinda more concerned with the smaller things that are to do with me myself and I today, or tomorrow at best, this is my take-away - Chill Out! Actually, with most of the public policies in Singapore, that seems to be the message if you managed to cut through all the clutter and big words and noise. It really always simply boil down to the following;

MP "so and so", Minister of wadever, announces that we have a new scheme or act or amendment to the original schemes or acts...

I was never too good with schemes and acts so I've historically had great difficulties truly understanding what that wonderfully crafted great piece of news in Straits Times' HOME section really means for me. But as I grew older I started to be able to sieve through the words and today I realized, that at the end of the day, I just had to find the same comforting encrypted message staring me right in my face - it's telling me, don't worry, just be are being taken care of, somehow. So what I gleaned from reading the news was that -CPF Life is mandatory, we all will gain blah blah, there are some concerns raised by another PAP member blah blah, but it ends there, there are some noise made by citizens blah blah but it also ends there. So I think to myself, "You are not going to change anything even if you try very very hard you know?".

Being easily defeated I mentally agreed, so ok, I flip to the backside of HOME section to land myself smack in the MONEY section and there I read that the speculators have done it again, our home prices have gone up! Our economy might not be great but hey, pharmaceutical did well last month! Ok the housing price inflation piece, I read and go SHUCKS! but what can I do? My lost, somebody's gain it must be. All that happy faces in the photos. Mr. Mah says there's no "excessive speculation" (which by comparative deduction must be correct since he said the same thing in 2006 when prices were going up so much faster)... so this must be just the naturally occuring amount of speculation Singapore must have. That GDP got buoyed by some Tamiflu production must be really great news for my Malaysian factory worker I was glad for them on that. Still nothing for me...

But hey, why should I worry about any of the above when they are all not in my hands anyway.
So yeah, just Don't worry, Be Happy.