Odd Job Nation

Posted: July 5, 2009 by fievel in Labels: ,

Came across an article in CNBC today, "Wanted: Fake Employees"...

Interestingly, some filmmaker started a business venture, called 'Odd Job Nation' that makes taking on odd jobs during this recession way cool. They have jobs like...

1) Foosball player
We are in need of a seriously talented fooseball player. Our office has had a reigning champ of foosball for way to long, and as a result, said champ has become overly cocky and boastful of his foosball superiority. He needs to be put in his place and annihilated by a foosball pro. If you think you can beat our champ, you will be rewarded with free beer during/after the match. If you can beat our champ, you will be given a $40 prize!

2) Mermaids for a birthday party
Perhaps fulfilling a long-harbored “Splash!” fantasy, one poster is looking for a couple of women to pose as mermaids and swim around the pool at a birthday party in July. The pay is $150 for three hours, and they will provide the costume if necessary, but there is one teensy caveat: You have to do it topless.

Trust the Americans to come up with anything cool and wacky.