Walao S in SMRT stands for STUPID is it?

Posted: July 18, 2009 by fievel in Labels: ,

After deciding not to pursue my plans to migrate anymore due to some issues about family and return to Singapore after what some might call a 1 week excursion in Australia, I finally got online to post a new entry about that...but came across something so ridiculous that this post has to wait...now we have to look at this stupid no eating on MRT issue.

What this video shows are 3 things; The complete and utter lack of sense and tact on the side of SMRT and its "Station Master" Roger Fool, the Singaporean's across-the-board, over-the-top fear for authority, senseless or otherwise, and the lack of comraderie of Singaporeans to stand up for each other when something wrong and unfair is happening to their fellow citizens.

Ask yourselves, how many of you have eaten a sweet on the train before? How many of you think that it's "against the law" to pop a mint while on the train, or take a sip from your water bottle? I urge you to forward this video link to as many of your Singaporean friends as possible. Hopefully sense will prevail and Roger Fool and his SMRT will have to come out and make a public apology for taking this woman's $30.


  1. S in SMRT stands for Singapore. I think its more "Singapore" than stupid that something like that is like 2nd page on Straits Times. Sad but true....

  1. Fievel says:

    I think this will be a good episode for Singaporeans to test their common sense against authority, which in this case might be just Roger Fool and his boss, not necessarily Singapore, or PAP...

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shows how Stupid Singaporeans are? The person should make sure she gets her $30 back. Let the whold world know about it and make Singapore look silly

  1. Fievel says:

    The whole world knows about it and the fact is Singaporeans are typically silly when it comes to authority obedience.