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Posted: July 27, 2009 by fievel in Labels:

Below is an email I received from Nuffnang, the Singapore start-up that matches online ads with blogs etc... Do help if possible.

Nuffnang is organizing a charity fund-raise for our four-year old Nuffnanger, Charmaine who has been cruelly diagnosed with Neuroblastoma.
As she is in the 4th stage of the illness, Charmaine’s chances of survival are bleak (10%-20%) if she remains in Singapore for treatment. But with the treatment offered in the U.S., she has a higher chance (40%-50%) to survive this ordeal.
However, the cost of treatment in the U.S is high, with the initial deposit coming up to $500,000SGD.
As we strongly pride ourselves as a community where we share both joys and woes, we sincerely hope that our Nuffnang community will be able to do a little something to tide Charmaine and her family through this trying ordeal.
The fundraising campaign will run from 23rd July to 24th September 2009.

How you can help:
Step 1: Donate
Monetary Aid- With the strength of 40,000 Nuffnangers in our Singapore community, if each of us donates just $2, we will be able to raise $80,000 in contributing our bit.
Please refer to http://www.nuffnang.com.sg/ forcharmaine/howto.php in making a donation.
Your contribution, however small, will definitely make a difference and we sincerely urge all Nuffnangers to donate their share to this cause.

Step 2: Spread the Word
Spreading awareness of cause- Beside monetary aid, we urge all Nuffnangers to:
I. Select the option of “Allow charity ads” on your blog manager II. Blog about this campaign in order to achieve our targeted amount together! Link the blog post to : http://www.nuffnang.com.sg/forcharmaine

A life is precious and you can’t put a price to it. We sincerely hope the Nuffnang community will rise to the occasion and show how powerful our blogging community is.

Thank you very much on behalf of Charmaine, her mother Cynthia, the rest o f their dedicated team.

For further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact Elaine at forcharmaine@nuffnang.com or you may reach her at 8254 8256.
Best Regards,Nuffnang T eam